Mugen Mirai

In Japanese calligraphy, there are great fortune of classical literature called “KOTEN”. “KOTEN” is the forefront of each generation by using the finest techniques and best effort of people of the time. Calligrapher will find ones own deep mind objectively, through facing “SHO (Japanese calligraphy)” by using different approaches to deeply understand the meaning of words and typeface which are based on the “KOTEN” traditional techniques and writing methods. Individual expressions relate to understanding feelings of others. Heart that leads to us from ancient to modern.  We call this heart “RAKUSHO” style calligraphy.


書道,書,無限未来,mugenmirai,japanese art,Japanese calligraphy,Perfume
書道,書,無限未来,mugenmirai,japanese art,Japanese calligraphy



mugenmrai,無限未来,書道,書家,japanese calligraphy,calligraphy
書道,書,無限未来,mugenmirai,japanese art,Japanese calligraphy


 “RAKUSHO” is new wave of Japanese calligraphy. By deeply studying the traditional concept of “KOTEN”, its techniques, depths, elegance, heritage, and manner with knowledge of spirituality, Calligrapher can express freely without any limitations. In “RAKUSHO”, Calligrapher can see ones own unique expressions through deeply facing ones-self, opening all the feelings and accepting them. “RAKUSHO” is not just writing words. It is about looking old traditions from new angle and creating new modern style which leads to the infinite future. This is the meaning of “RAKUSHO” which us “MUGENMIRAI” have defined.