When I was a little girl, I was not good at writing calligraphy, so I did not really like it. However, it had always be inside my every life moment. It is like my best friend, a teacher and a child. Even though, Calligraphy does not speak its mind, the word will express its own meaning through connecting deeply with the calligrapher. I use my feeling like sadness or anger and express them in a beautiful calligraphy. It is my life work to continue creating my calligraphy as my legacy.

私は小さな頃、書道がそんなに上手でもなく好きでもなかったのです。 でも書は、 私にとっての 一番の親友であり、師であり子供かもしれません。 言葉を発せずとも書は語ります。 心の悲しみや怒りを、自己表現の文字として美しく書く。自分の生きた証としての書を、書き続けていけたらと思います。



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